I had the exceptional opportunity to work with Fiona over three coaching sessions and I was blown away with the passion, sincerity, knowledge and skill she brought every time.

Fiona made me feel safe within our sessions and supported me in exploring my current beliefs and helped move me to beliefs that would better support the core desires I have for me life.

Fiona is a strong and exceptional coach who shows great care for her craft and clients.  I would jump at the chance to work with Fiona again and without fail, recommend her to others.


Fiona is someone who can help you focus on what you want. She is compassionate, has empathy and is driven. Her Ultimate Focus Strategy Session is suitable for people who are looking for a little clarity in their already busy and abundant lives all the way through to those who want to find out what it is that drives them, that little spark that is searching for more and just needs a helping hand. I'll be back - Thank you Fiona


I cannot speak more highly of my coaching sessions with Fiona. Her sessions came at a time when I was struggling with clarity and motivation in my life, and was grappling with some big life issues. Fiona helped me to cut through the nonsense, understand what was really important and what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Fiona for anyone needing guidance and support in their professional or personal life.


You're amazing!! I loved this weekend ..the level of productivity ..and hanging out in fantastic company was amazing.. thank you!! Feeling happily tired and enjoying the unwind..


I've been having coaching with Fiona for the last few months , and what a difference is has made to my life! Big changes have been happening in my personal and professional worlds. Fiona has a way of getting you to see things in a different light, and finds out if or if not you are benefiting from your actions. 

I would highly recommend coaching with Fiona for anyone looking for that little bit of an extra nudge to start challenging yourself, and to get what it is you really want out of your life ! 


I am noticing I'm focusing more on myself, starting to love me more and acknowledge my qualities. I have also stopped listening to negative attitudes and started doing things that are important to me. You're sessions really helped me and I am now noticing successful people all around me. I've even kicked my own but into gear and am using my time better xx