Inspired Woman

Inspired Woman empowers corporate women to reclaim their lives by improving their physical and mental wellbeing, in order to reduce the statistics of women's mental health and suicide.

Inspired Woman was birthed over a number of years as I trained and researched corporate and business women in my roles as a personal trainer, human behaviour specialist, nutrition coach and holistic therapies practitioner. At the core of who we are is our

BE-ing, and that's what makes us Well....

Inspired Woman is a community - opening conversations about women's physical and mental health. Empowering and educating women to make informed choices so to re-connect with their inner strength and identity.

While creating a healthy mindset, balanced nutrition and daily movement habits, we take a no B.S, approach carefully teamed with love, nurture and accountability so you have fun along the journey.

We break down the barriers so you can experience your BEST life, now.

Improve yourself. Improve the world.​

Live trainings, group coaching, recordings, resources, events and MORE! 

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If you are ready to reclaim your life for the better, this group is for YOU!! 


Birds of a feather......

flock together

As a Coach, I  Do Not:

Claim to be a psychologist, counsellor or doctor

My experience is as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and human behaviour specialist. I compliment these practices with integrative methods such as Meta DymanicsTM , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, BodyTalk and Positive Psychology.

Written Contributions

Fiona is a keen contributor to blogs and magazines and is available for comment on the topics of women's mental health, women's nutrition and movement, stress management and corporate life.

Fiona is currently a regular contributor to:

  • PA Pages

  • Soar Collective

  • SourceBottle call outs

  • and would welcome invitations to contribute to your blog or publication 


Speaking Engagements

Fiona is available for community and corporate events, specifically on the topics of

  • women's mental health

  • the mind body connection

  • creating healthy lifestyle routines that last

  • living a life you love

  • corporate health and the impact on employees

  • and her own journey of depression


Plus 1 Invitations 

Fiona is available to join you as your PLUS 1 to birthdays, engagements, weddings, or corporate events. Don't get caught up in that whoo-haa because you're a single, independent, free-spirit woman - take your coach, dance the night away and leave them wondering why you're so Happy and Healthy!


Just Kidding!

I wanted to see if you scrolled right to the bottom of the page :)

(But seriously, I do love a good party or event!)

Promise overnight success 

Changing your mind and body takes time. I want you to achieve your goals successfully and for the long term, which sometimes means slowing things down from the logical mind and helping you master things one step at a time. Patience and trust will be your friend.

Take responsibility for the action you need to take

My role is to guide you and support you. I will assist you to explore the outcomes that will serve you best. Your role is to take on board the information, take accountability and action accordingly as you see fit. Your results will be a direct correlation of the action you take. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I pride myself on creating a judgement-free zone for you. The space will be held so you can feel safe, and have the best opportunity for growth. There is no right or wrong in any situation and nothing you share will shock me, 

Blame you for what's happen that lead you to here

Blame is a nothing emotion and serves no-one. You were never given the 'Handbook of life, health, career, love and other mysterious things you wish you knew'. You've done the best you could with what you knew and now we have the opportunity to give you the insights and tools to do things differently - LIFE on your terms.

Fiona Hurle

Thought Leader

Phone: 0419 809 724

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