• Fiona Hurle

Your Dreams Matter

We all have dreams, whether we realise it or not. They float in and out of our mind on a daily basis. You may not realise because your unconscious has been taught to shut them down.

Remember that time when you were a little girl and you said ‘One day I’m going to grow up and be {insert amazing wild dream here}….’

and someone said

‘You can’t be that. You need to be tall/smart/strong/single/white/black/pretty…..insert any other reason THAT person believed you couldn’t do it’

People want the best for you. They don’t want you to get hurt or to make a fool of yourself, so they impose THEIR beliefs and safety system on you so you can be happy and safe.

The truth is you CAN be and do anything you want if you •Desire it •Do the work •Stay committed •Believe in yourself •Just start and let the process take care of itself

Who would have thought humans could •walk on the moon •run the quarter mile •send a car to space •survive life threatening burns •be the first female prime minister •make multimillion dollar businesses by selling cupcakes!!

Anything really is possible

In the Inspired Woman Manifesto I included DREAM BIG as a reminder to my clients and our community that every day you have an opportunity to bring imagination, aim high, and BE more of who you really wish to be.

So I invite you to dream big (don’t think about the How or What If) and share what you DREAM of being/doing.

My dream is to be a Radio Host! Yep, I love talking, connecting, laughing, and brightening peoples day.

I don’t know HOW this might happen but I truly believe that in some point of my life, before my final resting day, that I will have this opportunity.

Now it’s your turn….what would you love to dream of and make a reality??

Fiona Hurle

Thought Leader

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