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Why your bestie, bro or bae is the cause of your injuries

Isn’t it awesome when you have someone to train with. Someone who is willing to offer you advice and tips on what you should be doing at the gym and how you should be doing it.

I know when I first hit the gym 20 years ago I was very grateful for the advice and support that my then boyfriend gave me. He showed me how to smash through a session and we would train 7 days a week.

Sounds great right?


He was twice the size I was, he was training to join the SAS (Special Air Services), his focus was on building muscle (and eating an abundance of food), and he was MALE.

He had certainly received the information HE needed for HIS goal, but on reflection that wasn’t the way that I needed to train, nor eat (and then there’s the hormones to consider too!)

I see so many people at the gym with their bestie, bro or bae showing each other the WRONG technique because that’s what someone learnt off someone who learnt off someone who learnt off someone…….and you get the idea.

Just because it worked for your bro’s mates best friend doesn’t mean that a small framed woman with a weak core and poor posture should be loading up with squats and deadlifts on her first gym visit.

I absolutely believe that your bestie, bro or bae has the best of intentions for you, and hell yeah to them for helping you discover the wonder of exercise. Exercise has some amazing benefits, but having an injury is not something that you should ever encounter from working out IF you are performing the right exercises for your body and with correct technique.

Ultimately, my suggestion is to start training with a good personal trainer from the start and they will assess your current capabilities, discuss your goals and then plan an incremental and structured approach to achieve your goals.

Remember, life is a marathon not a sprint so there is no need to go hard early. Take a slow and steady approach and you will achieve your goals.

But I don’t want a personal trainer...

All good, it’s not for everyone, but if you are planning on hitting the gym with a bestie then I suggest you take an incremental approach to your goal (whether it be the ability to use dumbbells, squats, deadlifts or bench press) to build your capabilities and reduce injury.

(do NOT watch this if you are prone to throwing up!)


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