• Fiona Hurle

What your walk says about you

When I was a Senior Executive Assistant I would spend many hours a day at my desk. Given all these hours, and the physical location of my desk on the floor, I developed a sixth sense (so to speak). The ability to tell who was coming towards my desk before they were even in eye sight.

I could tell from their footsteps not only who they were, but what their behaviour and mood was at that point in time.

You're crazy Fiona, how is that so? I hear you say....

Check out my reference list and then sit quietly observing (and having a giggle).

  • Shufflers - its 'all about me', I want you to hear me being stressed and I cant be bothered even lifting my feet (or I got these cheap arse shoes that are hurting like hell!).

  • Swaggers - I walk with a limp, like and old school pimp (because not much else of substance is happening in my life).

  • Heavy Ds - big boobs, heavy feet (or these heels are so big I can barely keep them from flying off when I walk).

  • Houdini - just appear out of nowhere because they're so light on foot they are almost floating.

  • Jinglers - they bounce up and down so much that the change in their pocket, their Pandora charm bracelets and their layered necklaces chime in time that birds follow them.

Am I right, or am I right?