• Fiona Hurle

What your body shape says about you

I’ve seen lots of bodies in my time in the health and fitness world and I’ve come to realise that even though as women we are all different, our bodies spell out our health.

Now you might think I’ve gone bonkers once again, that’s ok by me, just hear me out.

For a moment, stand side on to the mirror (if you’re reading this on public transport then take a look at the women standing up).

*do this discretely and not in a stalker kind of way!

You are most likely to see 4 Alphabet shapes, our ‘BIOS’, and below I explain how you can identify them and their (potential) thinking around health and wellbeing.

(I say potential because of course we are all individual and not everyone fits into these categories. It is purely generalisation of what I’ve seen over the years from clients)

B – boobs and belly

Their bodies are straight down from back to bottom. Boobs in the front, coming in at the waist and then belly popping out again. Often a level of fitness with some gut health issues. Most certainly skipping out on doing squats!

I – introverted, intimidated, insecure

Straight up and down, back and front. Thin or thick in stature. Nervous about eating too much, exercise is either nil or far too much, and they tend to over spend on external pleasures (shoes, clothes, bags, cars) for self satisfaction and status (connection to others).

O – overweight and overwhelmed

Round all over. Often struggle with self esteem, lack of structure, commitment to actions. They have the potential for greater things in life although their connection with body (and lack of appropriate support team) hold them back.

S – shapely, strong and sexy

Boobs in the front and booty in the back. Connected with self, health and often wealth. They care for no one else’s opinion and Rock forth with their goals.

All of these body shapes can be transformed into another – either by choice or by not taking action (with the later tending to be most common).

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