• Fiona Hurle

What Kind of Day Would Get You Leaping Out of Bed?

I hear a lot of women say they’re tired, stressed and lack zing.

When we look at how they spend each day they are often doing the same mundane thing over and over, in a mundane job that pays the bills but doesn’t get them excited except for the pending countdown to 5pm, eating low energy proceeded foods, surrounded by low energy victims, and living in their low energy ‘box life’ – box house, box car, box office, and repeat.

They do this for months and even years!

Their life is wasting away before them.

They’ve settled for average.

Settled for fitting in – but these women have spunk! They were never meant to fit in! That’s why they’re so tired…..it’s not their ‘map’ in order to be energised.

That’s YOU!

There’s no one like you!

How could the world possibly cope with two of you if you were living life fully…! I mean could you imaging two Trumps, two Branson’s, two Oprah’s?!

So today, create a day that GIVES you energy!

Imagine that you’ve had a forewarning and today is your last day on earth to live all out.

How would you use your day?

Take your diary and put in the non-negotiables (ok, so don’t quit your job necessarily today – although feel free to take a sick day if you need to spend some time on you).

Decide HOW you will show up to these non-negotiables – put on your best outfit, spunk yourself up, walk in with swagger, know that there is ONLY 1 of you and you’re bringing ALL of it today!

Then, with the other hours left in the day ask yourself – what would I truly like to do with this precious time?

  • Enjoy nature?

  • Talk with family?

  • Laugh with friends?

  • Do charity work?

  • Run into the ocean fully clothed like a bad 80s movie?

  • Have a food fight?

  • Learn a new language?

  • Go for that run you’ve been putting off?

  • Pay someone’s parking meter?

  • Meditate for hours on end?

When you do what YOUR heart desires you will gain energy. Your body won’t be tired. It will be happy.

*oh and as a side note, when the body is happy and nourished, it won’t hold onto any stagnant weight you’ve been settling for…..

Make each day count.

Your awesomeness is needed.

Don’t hide it.

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