• Fiona Hurle

The Secret Core of Business – YOU

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Business can be difficult in the beginning.

Taking on any client you can assist in order to make a dollar.

Trying to please everyone’s needs, generally at the expense of your own.

Listening to all the experts and trying to implement everything at once. Hustle. Grind. Sacrifice. Blood. Sweat. Tears – lots of tears.

All this takes you further and further away from the core of who you are and why you are in business.

When you align your services with WHO you are, how you BEhave and the magic within what you DO, a magical switch happens in the Universe.

No longer do you HUSTLE

No longer do you BEG

No longer do you STRUGGLE

You get to attract the ideal clients who value what you do, invest in themselves and take action.

There’s a mutual ‘A game’ respect by everyone involved.

Adults show up with ROCKSTAR curiosity and there’s no space for children throwing toys in the sand pit.

Business is not something you ‘DO’ It’s ‘WHO’ you are. 24/7

Your Ideal Client is attracted to how you show up in the sunshine AND the rain. Online AND Offline.

Imagine you were being filmed for a day or a week – 24/7, whether you were doing business tasks, life tasks or just hanging out behind closed doors.

Would you WANT your clients to see the real you? or would there be some parts you would delete immediately?

Until you are showing up consistently in life, you’ll attract clients who are half in half out – just like you are being.

So WHO will you BE today?