• Fiona Hurle

Is time really the issue?

I love this clock and it means so much to me.

My sister gave it to me for my 30th birthday. I had moved to Melbourne a year earlier, knowing no one or the journey I was taking. She flew from interstate where she was taking a year long family sabbatical travelling around Australia in a caravan with husband and baby in order to reconnect with self, each other and the purpose of life.

This clock was the perfect gift for me.

It has been with me over these years, is built solid and strong and even when the batteries are worn out it never stops.

Times may have been tough but the seconds always pass towards the new uprising of the big hand.

And each day as I look at it, I am reminded that we are all connected by time, as I am with my sister in the gift of this clock.

We all have the same minutes in a day yet not all of us will have the same amount of days in our lives.

The choices we make today, at this point in time, determine the length of time we have to experience Life.

Choose better health, choose better relationships, choose a better life and reap the rewards in days and years to come.

And if you’re struggling to understand how to make those choices, then reach out, let’s chat and get you enjoying life differently from today.

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