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How to eat healthy when dining out

Oh my god - the thought of socialising whilst learning to eat well for my goals used to throw me into states of panic. The temptation of those 'naughty' foods I used to mindlessly consume, alcohol flowing and the all too familiar question after dinner "should we have dessert??" (Insert green light to self sabotage here!).

Until I learnt what to look out for and know how to get what I needed....

So, if you’re like me, and you’ve only every been looking for the Parma or the burger on restaurant menus then you will have naturally missed the gamut of other wonderful dishes the world class chef has on offer. Just the same as when you buy a new car, suddenly you only see all the other cars EXACTLY the same as the limited edition version you’ve just purchased. *insert facepalm here!

So how can you get what you need in order to support your goal and still be a socialite?

Plan ahead

My first suggestion is to plan ahead. If you know you are going to a particular restaurant then check out their menu online in advance. This allows you to view the options whilst you’re in a neutral state (rather than starving hungry and choosing your standard full fat greasy option) and consider what does fit in with your goals, or that can be modified easily. Eg order the item without sauce or an extra serving of veg.

If you can see that it’s a specialised restaurant that doesn’t really fit your goals, and you really want to be a part of the event, then you can plan to eat beforehand and perhaps choose a smaller snack at the restaurant (if you feel inclined to eat with others). Some great snack options are a side of vegetables or salad so it’s small (because you ate beforehand remember) and still supporting your goals.

Given the range of dietary requirements these days there are always gluten free, blah blah blah options (yep I wrote that on purpose) and most restaurants have a piece of meat and veg/salad options such as chicken or steak. Although here’s a hint: be mindful of portion sizes as some restaurants will throw half a cow on your plate because it’s ‘healthy’ yet you consume 4 x the average meal size that you need and then charge you $35 for it!

Sometimes you have to take the financial hit though because the choice of socialising.

For those following a very specific goal plan, eat at home first. It’s easier because you know EXACTLY what you’re getting and how it was cooked, and then you can head along to the event without any emotional worries over food and just enjoy your mineral water or drink whilst others eat. It’s not bad manners to not eat whilst others are, it’s just that society has taught us that we must eat what others are eating in order to fit in. (But given you’re Wonder Woman you don’t fit into the ‘norm’ anyway, do you :)

My best piece of advice:

‘If you’re going to eat bad food, eat it in good company!’

Our emotions and vibrations impact the food we consume. If you eat ‘sometimes’ food and then carry guilt, sadness, anger from it then the body will have a lower vibration and will be less inclined to process and absorb the nutrients. If you eat the ‘sometimes’ food in a happy state, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying and tasting every mouthful, laughing and smiling and sharing stories, then you are in a higher vibration state, the body is happier and it will accept the food in, process accordingly and spit the rest out quicker than you can say ‘let’s hit the dance floor!’

So next time someone says ‘let’s catch up for dinner’ embrace the opportunity to enjoy life with family and friends and know that you’re equipped to handle any menu with ease and still achieve your goals.

Bon appetite!

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