• Fiona Hurle

Forget the Time, Listen to Your Body

When we were kids we never wanted to go to bed incase we missed out on something fun the adults were doing.

Now as adults we don’t want to go to bed early because we ‘don’t have to’ so we often stay up later and later and then forget we had something we were meant to do (like washing clothes for tomorrow’s gym session or making lunch) so then we ‘have’ to stay up later.

So I ask, have you ever gone to bed when you felt your body needed to, regardless of time?

Today I was in the office and was rocking along nicely until in the final hour I felt a little stressed. My body tensed up and I was doing some ‘sighs’ with my breathing.

I ended up staying later than I would have liked which meant I was thinking a lot about my dog and how long he had been home alone (he has some anxiety although I think it’s me who misses him more!).

I didn’t have any dinner organized so that was another thing I had to deal with.

And when I got home I really just desired peace and quiet.

You see normally my partner has the tv on all night (I’m not a major lover of the idiot box) generally some pointless news show or action movie right before bed and I feel on edge just hearing it in our house.

So tonight while he’s away we’ve (my dog and me) curled up in bed at 8pm, got Apple Cidar Vinegar and honey, good book to read and just enjoying silence.

I’ll probably only get 15 minutes reading and then be out like a light.

Sure I might wake up earlier tomorrow but then that’s a bonus as I can choose to invest that bonus time into something to start the day off well like extra meditation time, reading or study (because I like learning).

So next time you’re feeling stressed, lacking some energy or even a bit on edge with the world, get your pj's on, warm drink, cozy bed and nurture your body. It works hard for you so give something back.

Feel free to reach out if you are having challenges with sleep routine, restless sleep, waking up during the night or feeling like a zombie even after 8 hours sleep. There’s a few tricks I know and some insights as to what might be going on for you and your body.


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