• Fiona Hurle

Focus on One Thing

For more years than I care to remember, I’ve always had the theory (which I picked up from other people) that we should ‘multi task’.

You would think this means that you get MORE done in a day.

The exact opposite happens.

You ‘start’ more things but rarely ‘finish’ them in the same day, if at all.

Your energy is pulled left, right, up and down as you ‘react’ to things.

You stop and start all the time so it takes more brain power to work out where the heck you are up to.And it means you do a lot of things ‘average’ rather than a few things AWESOME!

This week I committed to 1 TASK thinking and way of working.

I unfollowed all the social media noise that I didn’t actually read/want/enjoy.

I unsubscribed to emails that I never opened to read.

I cancelled appointments that would take time and focus away from my one thing.

I stopped doing things that took my focus away from the CORE thing.

And in doing so I ended up finishing 2 (yep 2) major things that will have huge impact on my goals.

Whether you’re

doing many things at work

trying to cook dinner, read your emails and talk on the phone

drive and change your podcast

running and texting



Choose ONE THING and do it well.

You’ll be amazed at how much quicker you will do it to!