• Fiona Hurle

Dealing with Challenges

Challenges, we all experience them at different times and to different degrees.

Sometimes we can move through them quickly (literally seconds) and other times it takes somewhat longer.

And sometimes we make them bigger than they are. (I busted your behaviour strategy Honey…)

We have a choice with everything – to REACT or RESPOND.

REACTION is a thoughtless, ego driven action. It ensures that EVERYONE knows that we’re struggling, not coping, having a meltdown and that everyone now has to play the Life game on OUR terms. (You would be surprised how many times a day I hear this from my office pod!!)

It’s unattractive. It’s selfish. It’s energy draining for everyone. It gets you nowhere fast.

RESPOND is the ability to take a moment and gather information, assess the facts, understand what part you play, decide on the action YOU will take and move forward (this can happen in seconds as you build this muscle and skill). The ability to choose to respond comes from the heart in order to serve self or others.

This is attractive. This is self management 101. This is energy neutral or energy creating for self and others. This is leadership.

Two very different ways of BEing in life.

Two very different outcomes to a challenge.

Who will you choose to BE today?

(Image: Warrior Mind Coach)