• Fiona Hurle

Are you itching for adventure?

You know what it’s like – same thing over and over again. Get up, get ready, go to work, come home, get ready for the next day, go to bed.

Yawn! How boring!

But often this is how we’ve programmed ourselves in order to meet the minimum requirements of the day without self imploding or killing someone! lol

After a while though it becomes so vanilla in nature (yep, just like those boring mundane sex sessions you’ve settled for) that we start to seek out something else. We yearn for a different routine, variety, a new sense of adventure.

We look for something that is less predictable.

Enter our friend – SABOTAGE.

Imagine sabotage is a big giant, a bit like the Hulk. No emotional attachments, somewhat destructive and leaves as quickly as he came (bit like those bad one night stands in your 20s, or 30s in my case!!)

When we’re in the rut, the mundane, we easily and quickly invite sabotage to the party just to stir things up.

Sabotage presents in ways like destructive eating, affairs, drugs and alcohol, quitting your job without any thought to it or buying expensive material items such as sports cars or $5000 handbags (if you’ve got that much stashed under your bed!).

It’s a great emotional stirrer for the short term but after that high wears off, you’re still back in the same place.

So I invite you to meet my friend ADVENTURE.

Adventure has a softness about it with emotions that last much longer. (A bit like a romantic weekend in the snow with Channing Tatum!)

When we include adventure into our week, month or year we have something to look forward to, something to remind us that the mundane takes care of the essentials (such as paying for food, bills, maintaining relationships, fulfilling our daily purpose) so that we can have the balance of adventure and let our hair down at a point in time and then cherish those experiences and emotions until the next adventure.

Ways that we can include adventure into our life:

  • Take a different road to work

  • Find a new hobby

  • Book a date with your partner

  • Schedule movie night with friends

  • Start training with a coach

  • Research a holiday and book it

  • Get in your car without a map and just follow the roads

  • Start a new online course

There’s many ways to fulfil our needs for variety and adventure in resourceful ways that doesn’t hurt us or anyone else, so get your diary out, schedule your adventure and enjoy feeling like a kid again.

Happy Adventure!