• Fiona Hurle

Are You Getting Good Sleep?

So many women underestimate the importance of good sleep. Deep, rested, quality sleep. The kind you used to get as a kid, all tucked up under the warm covers.

Now, we’re too busy running around getting things packed for the next day, checking out the latest Insta post or Facebook update, watching the final episode of whatever on Netflix or helping our friend get over the bad date on the weekend that has left her feeling like a spinster for life! (just to name a few).

Our mind is constantly running thinking about what we didn’t do, what might happen in the future about something that hasn’t happened yet, if we can squeeze into that little black number for next weeks social outing and when the due date was for that electricity bill….

There’s just too much shit going on!

So it’s time to take control.

  • Create a bedtime routine allowing yourself enough time to get things organised so you can get into bed without technology and distractions.

  • Create a zen sleeping zone.

  • Take notice each morning of the quality of sleep and if you woke up during the night. (this could be the key information to any health issues you have)

Creating great sleeping habits is the first foundation piece to a successful, happy and healthy day.

::Still having trouble with your sleep?::

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