• Fiona Hurle

7 things to do whilst quarantined to improve your life now!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

COVID-19 is seeing the world change in so many ways that we never imagined. Within the craziness is a gift that we can all take away – more time on our hands!

I can’t tell you how often I have heard clients say ‘I don’t have enough time”…….well sista, you just got what you wished for.

And like Murphy’s Law, once you get what you wanted you likely can’t remember what you were going to do with that time. So I’ve come up with a list of 7 things you can do whilst in quarantine.


Clean your house

Our environment determines how we feel. How many times have you walked into a messy room and you get shivers and want to walk back out again? It’s not very inspiring is it?. Choose 1 room at a time to focus on, and I suggest starting with your bathroom. Your bathroom is where we begin your day, it’s where you cleanse your body (and maybe your mind) and decide how you will show up for your day. It is where you make yourself feel confident and beautiful and ready to handle whatever comes your way. Here’s a few guidelines to help you get started:

  • Go through your cupboards and drawers and throw out what you haven’t used in the last 6 months.

  • Organise the items you use regularly and consider organising them with containers or baskets.

  • Give your shower/bath a good clean and perhaps introduce some indoor plants, candles or inspiring quotes for your mirror.

Once you’ve done your bathroom move to your bedroom, kitchen, living area and then outdoors/garage.

Declutter your life

Where in your life do you have things taking up unnecessary time, space and energy?

Start with your purse. If you have a clean and organised purse then you can allow the flow of money in and out, you’re not carrying around old receipts to remind you of what you have spent/wasted money on, and be sure to carry some cash for emergency car parking or a chai latte treat.

Social media – are there people that you feel ‘compelled’ to follow/be friends with that are taking from your energy cup but not giving back? Do these people even know who you are? What value are you receiving from being ‘energetically’ connected?

Third drawer – do you have an elusive third draw in the kitchen or home office filled with ‘stuff’? Be ruthless with this drawer. Do you need all those take away menus? Do you need 57 pens? Do you need the receipt for the kettle you purchased 10 years ago.

Books – as a self confessed book hoarder I know this one might be tough. Even if you struggle to let go of some of your books, at least get them organised. Take all your books off the shelf and put them into piles of categories eg biographies, self help, business, leadership, health and fitness, etc. Then decide which books you can donate, share with others, sell. Those that are left, put them into the bookshelf with love and gratitude for the words that have served you, or are yet to serve you.

Get your finances in order

Many ‘busy’ people avoid this one because ‘if I don’t know, then I don’t need to face it’. (I spent most of my life like this). Set aside some time and create a space so you can really focus on this activity. Gather any bills that are due, any loan contracts, regular payments for education etc.

Make a list of all the ongoing payments you currently make and what the current balance is until it’s fully paid off. Then work out how many more re-payments you have until it is completed.

Then establish your weekly/fortnightly/monthly budget of essentials eg food, phone bill, dog medication etc

Establish any opportunities to save money eg if you haven’t been watching Netflix then cancel the subscription until you have your finances in order. If you havent been taking your supplements regularly and you are on autoship then place autoship on hold until you commit to taking your supplements and get your on-hand stock down (and boost your health).

When I took the time to do this in my life, EVERYTHING changed!

My favourite finance books are:

  • You are a Badass at Making Money – Jen Sincero

  • The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape

  • No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy – Dan S. Kennedy

  • Kochie’s 11-Step Money Plan for a Better Life – David Koch

Get an education

You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting so use your intellectual real estate to level up with this free time you have. There are many online free courses (and paid), blogs and books available and this is an opportunity where you can think outside the square and diversify your learnings. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to code websites, or understand public health or learn about the arts. Maybe this is the opportunity to learn something you and create a side income.

My most recommended sites are Coursera and Udemy. They have free courses, and you can upgrade and get a certificate of completion for some courses (especially university courses).

Maybe online learning isn’t for you so podcasts or audio classes might be another option.

My favourite podcasts:


  • ATP Science

  • Health Hacker by Adam MacDougall

  • Psychology of Eating


  • All in the Mind

  • The You Project by Craig Harper

  • Insights with Joe Pane

  • Making Positive Psychology Work by Michelle McQuaid

  • Unashamedly Human by Emily Chadbourne

  • Under the Skin by Russell Brand


  • Business Behind the Scenes

  • The Brendon Show by Brendon Burchard

  • The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Mental Health:

The Mental Health Connection Podcast

Start your business idea

Now is the time to get that idea that has been on the backburner into action. Maybe you’ve been slaving away at a job until the time is right, so here is your sign THE TIME IS NOW!

Start by doing a brainstorm (let your mind run wild, nothing is impossible):

  • WHAT is it you offer

  • WHY do you offer it (what makes you keep doing it even if you weren’t paid)

  • HOW will it help others

  • WHERE will you offer it (online, face to face, webinars, telephone, home delivery etc)

  • WHEN will you say YES to making it happen (HINT – the answer is now, before you feel like you are ready!)

You don’t need a website, business cards, banners etc to get started. Let people know what you are offering, why, and how they can be involved.

There are ample business development and support groups on Facebook so join them or ask a trusted fellow business owner who they take advice from and follow them. Always be looking towards someone who is ahead of you in the game and model WHO they are

BE-ing. (side note: don’t copy and BE them, notice their self-mastery, their leadership, their authenticity, their vulnerability and then do that in your way).

Create an online course

Within you are many pearls of wisdom – why not share them with the world and create a side income? Whether you are an expert in time management, creating stylish décor on a minimum budget, building cubby houses and backyard play equipment to keep the kids entertained, or perhaps you’re a budding chef, what you know is what someone in the world needs.

There are many platforms you can use to upload your knowledge and create your own course. You could simply just post videos on YouTube for others to watch, or monetise it by using something as simple as (and very easy to learn how to do) as Thinkific, Coursecraft or Teachable. If you want to get a little more complex try Kajabi, a WordPress plug in, or upload directly to Udemy.

(I personally use Thinkific for my online programs)

Write a book

So you’ve had this great idea to write a book and share your words with the world – so get started now. It could be as simple as getting some paper or your laptop and just writing your thoughts, or it might be beneficial to create some structure of purpose, chapters, content themes and then scheduling time to write.

If you’re like me and get stuck in perfectionist mode, then check out my favourite book writing coaches (each one has their own HOW TO book available)

Emily Gowor (who I am working 1:1 with to produce my book)

Check out Emily

Natasa Denman

Check out Natasa

Dave Thompson

Check out Dave

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