• Fiona Hurle

5 Tips to avoid a Christmas Day blowout

It’s that time of year when there are copious amounts of food on offer, enough drinks to last you a lifetime and plenty of excuses to sit on the couch and watch the Boxing Day Test (that will probably only make sense if you are in Australia).

So how can you stay on track with your health and wellness goals when there is so much temptation around?

1 – Exercise Early

Beat Santa’s delivery and get up early to exercise on Christmas Day. By exercising before the festivities begin you are able to contribute towards your goals, avoid any excuse later in the day to not do your workout and you are kick starting your metabolism for whatever is consumed.

2 – Drink Water

If you are drinking alcohol during the celebrations, increase your water intake between alcoholic beverages. This will help your body cope with the alcohol and help minimise the horrendous hangover you may end up with the next day – especially if you haven’t had alcohol in a long time.

3 – Take Wellness Greens

To help alkalize your body, following the consumption of various food and alcohol that may not be a part of your usual nutrition, consume a serve of wellness greens before bed. It’s best if you can drink these with water otherwise add them into a vegetable juice (avoid a fruit smoothie before bed due to the fructose content).

4 – Manage Serving Sizes

Christmas is just another day of food so don’t use it as an excuse to stuff yourself until you look like Santa. by all means enjoy Nanna’s pudding or Dad’s prawns but try and keep your portion sizes under control. If you normally have very clean nutrition be aware if you overindulge on these items I can guarantee you will be very sick.

5 – Get Some Sleep

After your day of festivities be sure to get a good nights sleep. If your nutrition and training is normally on point then you are likely to be feeling extra tired as your body tries to process the “foreign” foods and drinks. Get a good nights sleep and then get back on track with your goals and usual routine the following day.

BONUS If you really want to stay on point with your goals and nutrition then pack your own meals and take them with you. No-one will mind if you eat your own food and leave an extra piece of pavlova for everyone to fight over.