• Fiona Hurle

4 keys to minimise injury in the gym

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Most chain gyms DO NOT care if you train properly for results and to avoid injury!!

They want you to join a gym in your emotion pain of ‘I felt shit over summer’ or ‘holy shit summers here’ and pay your tiny gym fee. Whether you go in and use the equipment at all let alone to it’s correct way is none of their care. That’s why you sign a waiver so that if you hurt yourself it’s not their bees wax.

So what I see here tonight is 25 women who have hidden themselves away in the ladies only section of the Gym, trying their hardest to get results (I’ll acknowledge that), huffing and puffing, pulling, pushing and whatever it is called that I’m seeing…..and there is NOT 1 PT in here to provide guidance and support!

So I’m seeing about 23 ladies doing their workout ineffectively, incorrectly and with a real high percentage rate of injuries about to occur. Most of these women will stick it out for a few weeks and when results don’t magically show up like the posters on the walls promise, they will most likely give up, not come back to the gym but be too embarrassed to ask for help or even cancel their gym membership.

The best thing for these women to achieve results is through education, empowerment and support. Team that with a strategy and structure (because if you don’t have a map to your destination how do you suppose you’ll get there).


So why don’t I help them?

Because there’s an unwritten Gym etiquette for PTs and unless your paying rent, you really shouldn’t try and poach clients from the gym floor.

So the way I can assist is to share with YOU, the woman who wants to get fitter, healthier, sexier and confident, overcome stress and sickness to live an awesome life where YOU matter because you put YOUR long term health first, that these key pieces of the puzzle will help you achieve results, minimise injury and setbacks, get you in the mindset for performance and change your life forever.

get a plan
implement the action
find your support crew
stay focused

Your body is a timeless piece if you take care of it well. If you’re in a gym and there is a trainer around (not working with a client), then I encourage you to ask them to give you a quick demonstration of correct use of the equipment – if they’re a passionate PT they will be more than willing to help you.

Train well!

Fiona Hurle

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