Let's open up conversations to inspire more women to live life to their highest potential!


Whether that's eating better, changing career, having that tough conversation or packing up and completely transforming life as you know it - we've got you covered.  


We share stories about life's 'stuff' including mindset, career, health, wellbeing, small business, money, relationships, high performance, psychology, habits..... from women (and men) so you can raise your awareness and curiosity and create YOUR INSPIRED LIFE.  


We take a no B.S approach carefully teamed with love, nurture and accountability so you have fun along the journey with us. (so there might be some swear words ##)



....Stop the Stress & Forget the Fads....

Health and Wellbeing was never meant to be this hard.....but you're an in-demand high-performing modern-day woman taking care of everyone and everything else. Who has time to study university degrees to understand how get your body and mind to function optimally?!?!

THE FI-SIQUE SHOW will give you bite-sized shows that you can fit into your busy schedule including hacks, insights, tips and tricks about health and wellbeing so you CAN get your body and mind in the best shape of your life!


Fiona Hurle

Thought Leader

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