Are you an Executive Assistant or

Personal Assistant?

I am deeply passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of corporate women and am currently undertaking research specifically relating to EA's and PA's.

Have you ever felt:







lacking motivation?

wondering if it's all worth it?

I feel EAs/PAs are the 'silent soldiers', with symptoms playing out in their physical and mental health AND given my own journey to a successful

6 figure salary, starting my own business, spiralling into depression (from perfectionist strategies I had learnt as an EA) and then the journey to truly knowing who I AM - it's imperative that I speak for those that are unable to.

My name is Fiona Hurle and I am Australia's #1 Corporate Women's Well-BEing Coach. I am an Award Winning Executive Assistant with over 20 years experience in public and private sector, and an advocate to improve the physical and mental well-BEing of corporate women.

In 2013 I discovered my own journey to physical health (and happiness!) after years of experiencing extreme stress, constant sickness, and a shocking lifestyle of take-away, alcohol binges and late nights. I eventually left the safety of my corporate career and became a personal trainer. 

I went on to study human behaviour, positive psychology and mental health, nutrition and alternative therapies.

A few years ago I returned to the corporate life, whilst still running my coaching business, and noticed that corporate cultures (overall)

hadn't improved to take care of the humans.

Who am I? I decided to write a book addressing the

'secret' daily challenges EAs/PAs deal with,

and how to handle them to improve health and well-BEing...

I invite you to contribute towards impacting CHANGE

In this short survey I am interested to understand a little about you, your career, your experiences and any challenges you have faced

  • All responses are completely confidential and no-one will be referenced or identifiable

  • Your honest feedback will make a huge difference to so many others

  • Survey will take 5-10 minutes depending on how much information you provide

If you are in Melbourne, Australia

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