What happens when two deep in thought coaches get together and dissect human behaviour and life's complexities? For 3 years Amy Green and I have been connecting with each other on a weekly basis for accountability and support - first in business and then it evolved into all of life's wonders  and becoming dear friends. Our conversations go deep, around the corner, sideways and forwards and we thought there might be something in there for others to learn from, so we opened up our conversations to share with you. Share if you enjoy what we're doing. 



In this podcast, we discuss all elements of why being human is hard. From day-to-day living, work and home life, our thinking and mindset and how our humanness impacts our relationships and other people. Tune in to hear real-time, raw, unedited, humanness chat.



Money. It matters, but it is not all that matters... In this episode, we share our own stories about money, what we were taught as children, how this shaped and influenced our lives as we got older, and how we continue to grow and battle with money and the true meaning of wealth.

Fiona Hurle

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